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Ishikawa NISHIDA KITARO Museum of Philosophy
1 Uchihisumi-i, Kahoku, Ishikawa 929-1126
TEL: (076) 283-6600

(Established February 15, 2003)

(Updated July 27, 2008)

(Updated July 21, 2013)

(Updated July 26, 2015)

Bylaws of the Nishida Philosophy Association

First Article: This Association shall be called the Nishida Philosophy Association (NPA).

Second Article: This Association aims to promote research on the thought of NISHIDA Kitarō, to facilitate the understanding of philosophical thought in general, and in the process to support Members in their ongoing research and exchange of ideas.

Third Article: This Association shall, in order to achieve the goals stated in the previous article, undertake the following enterprises:

  1. Hosting the Annual Conference, as well as research seminars, lectures, etc.
  2. Publishing the Association’s Journal and Bulletin.
  3. Other activities on occasion as deemed appropriate.

Fourth Article: This Association shall accept as members all those for whom the following clauses are applicable.

  1. A, B, and C Members are defined as follows:

A Members – A Members may participate in the Association’s Annual Conference as well as receive the Association’s Bulletin.

B Members – In addition to enjoying the same privileges as A Members, B Members may receive the Association’s Journal as well as present at the Annual Conference and publish in the Association’s Journal. Furthermore, B Members have the right to vote in elections for, as well as the right to be elected to, the Board of Directors.

C Members – C Members are members without full-time employment. They enjoy the same privileges as B Members.

  1. Supporting Members – Supporting Members are those who endorse the Association’s prospectus
  2. Special Members – When deemed appropriate, special members shall be designated.

Fifth Article: The administration of this Association is made possible by collecting membership fees, receiving contributions, and other forms of revenue.

Sixth Article: Membership fees shall be 2,000 JPY (Japanese Yen) per year for A Members, 6,000 JPY per year for B Members, and 3,000 JPY per year for C Members.

Seventh Article: The Association will accept applications for entering the association, leaving the association, or changing membership type at any time. The acceptance or rejection of applications will be determined by the Board of Directors. In order to become a B or C Member, it is necessary to be nominated and introduced by a current B or C Member. Leaving the Association requires payment of all heretofore membership dues.

Eighth Article: Those who have not paid their membership dues for three consecutive years will automatically be expelled.

Ninth Article: This Association shall allow for the following officer positions:

President: 1 person

Directors: Approximately 20 persons

Editors: Approximately 5 persons

Financial Auditors: 2 persons

Administrative Coordinators: A small number of persons

Tenth Article: The President shall represent the association and open the meetings of the Board of Directors, the annual conference, and the general assembly. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the management of the Association. The Financial Auditors shall conduct an audit once per year. The Editors shall edit the Journal and Bulletin. The Administrative Coordinators shall help plan and conduct the activities of the Association. Furthermore, should the President be unable to fulfill his duties, the eldest Administrative Coordinator shall act as the President’s representative.

Eleventh Article: The Directors and Auditors shall be chosen from among the B and C Members. The President shall be chosen from among the Directors. When necessary, the Board of Directors may appoint a small number of additional Directors.

Twelfth Article: The Chief Editor and the Associate Editor will be chosen from among the directors. The remaining Assistant Editors will be chosen from among the B and C Members by the Board of Directors.

Thirteenth Article: A small number of persons shall be chosen as Administrative Coordinators from among the Association Members. They are to be appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.

Fourteenth Article: Officers will hold their posts for 3 years. Re-appointment is not prohibited. However, the President shall be limited to 2 consecutive terms.

Fifteenth Article: All changes to these Bylaws shall require deliberation on the part of the Board of Directors and the approval of a majority of Members at the General Assembly, which is convened at the Annual Conference.

Sixteenth Article: The annual budget will begin on April 1st and continue until March 31st.

Seventeenth Article: The report of the Financial Auditor shall require the approval of the Association’s Members at the General Assembly of the Annual Conference.

Additional Stipulation:

The office of the Association shall be located at the following address:

c/o Ishikawa NISHIDA KITARO Museum of Philosophy

1 Uchihisumi-i, Kahoku, Ishikawa 929-1126  Tel: +81-(0)76-) 283-6600