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The Nishida Philosophical Association’s 20th Annual Meeting (2022)

July 23 (Saturday)

[Morning] 10:30-12:25 (115 minutes)

Reading Zen no kenkyū (Introductory lecture), KOMCEE East K211

Attn: OKUMA Gen (Rikkyo University), KUMAGAI Seiichiro (Kameda University of Medical Science)

Readings from Zen no kenkyū, Part 2, Chapter 8: Nature *Please prepare your own copy of the text of Zen no kenkyū.

Research Presentation I [KOMCEE East K011] 3 persons (25 minutes for presentation + 10 minutes for questions) x 3 persons + 5 minutes for break x 2 = 115 minutes

1) Chiu, Yi-fei (Rissho University)

The Contact Point between “Ma-na” in Watsuji Tetsuro and Early Nishida’s Philosophy: With the “Unity of Will” as a Cue

Chair: Hisafumi TANAKA (Japan Women’s University)

2) Moe Sanada (Kyoto University)

“Will” and “Body” in Nishida’s Philosophy: From “Pure Experience” to “Consciousness”

Chair: Enrico FONGARO (Nanzan University)

3) Jun Arai (Rissho University)

From Body to Self-Awareness: Subjective System and Will in “Intuition and Reflection in Awareness”

Chair: Mayuko Uehara (Kyoto University)

Lunch Break 12:25-13:55(90min)

No meals will be served in the classrooms.

Please eat your lunch at restaurants in Komaba-Todaimae Shopping Street.

Afternoon Session

13:55-14:00(5 minutes) Greetings from the Chairman, KOMCEE East K011

14:00-17:00 (180 minutes) Lecture, KOMCEE East K011

Chair: Katsuya Akitomi (Kyoto Institute of Technology)

14:00-15:30 Lecture 1: Juichi Yamakami (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature)

Nishida’s Philosophy in the Thought of Imanishi Kinji

15:30-17:00 Lecture 2: Teruhisa Tajima (Waseda University)

Nishida’s Theory of Place and Eckhart’s Theory of Essential Origin

–Nishida’s ‘Theory of Place’ and Eckhart’s ‘Theory of Essential Origins’ from the Viewpoint of ‘Panentheismus

July 24 (Sun.)

Morning Session 10:00-11:55 (115 minutes)

Research Presentation II (1) [KOMCEE East K011] 3 presenters (25 min. presentation + 10 min. Q&A) x 3 presenters + 5 min. break x 2 = 115 min.

1) Jiro INOHARA (Hokkaido University)

What does it mean that consciousness is a logical form? –Kitaro Nishida’s Practical Self-Consciousness

Chair: Tomomi ASAKURA (University of Tokyo)

2) Sora KOIZUMI (Tohoku University)

Kiyoshi Miki and “New Humanism” in the History of Ideas in the 1930s

Chair: Motonori KITA (Kansai University)

3) Kimie MATSUMOTO (Osaka University)

Kitaro Nishida’s Monadology of Place

Chair: Naoki MATSUMOTO (Hanazono University)

Research Presentation II② [KOMCEE East K211] 3 (Presentation 25 min. + Q&A 10 min.) x 3 + Break 5 min. x 2 = 115 min.

1) No presentation

2) Steve LOFTS (University of Western Ontario)

Nishida’s “Critique of Culture”

Chair: Yongqiang Lin (Dokkyo University)

3) Sova P. K. CERDA (Kyoto University)

The Conceptual and Normative Structure of Activity: Considering Nishitani’s Readings of Nishida and Aristotle

Chair: Felipe Ferrari (Yokkaichi University)

[Lunch Break] 11:55-13:30 (95 minutes)

No meals will be served in the classrooms.

Please eat at restaurants in Komaba Todaicho-mae Shopping Street.

Afternoon Session

13:30-13:50 (20 minutes) General Meeting, KOMCEE East K011

14:00-17:00 (180 minutes) Symposium “The Place of Experience: Development from the Study of the Good”

KOMCEE East K011

5 minutes for explanation of the purpose of the symposium + (30 minutes for 3 panelists) + 10 minutes for break + 30 minutes for discussion among panelists + 50 minutes for plenary discussion

Panelist: Yuji Itabashi (Rissho University) [Moderator]

The Place of Experience: From “The Study of the Good” to the “Form” of the Historical Body

Mika Foundry (Meisei University)

The Practicing Body and Pure Experience

Hiroshi ABE (Kyoto University)

Shinshin-tsuchi — Okori, ikioi, iki awase

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